The Right Way To Start The Day

Most of the things that will make us succcesul l are not learnt  in school . I wish i know  how to start the day long  time ago . I only knew how to pass my exams and crammed all my words for my teacher . I started to emulate my virtual  mentors or what the succesful people says about starting the day – Starting  the day right is as important as ending the day

Here are few ideas that will turn you into a super productive person , of course with discipline and taking personal responsbilty  . The best time to wake up is with the rise sun unless you are a footballer or an artist who perform in a different way . . If you need to empty your bladder , do it right away . but spend a few minutes in your bed , lying on your bed with your eyes closed and do abdominal breathing . .

Before you get out of bed , have a good stretch . Once out of bed , keep warm by putting  on your clothes , start  by cleaning up your teeth and washing your face in cold water . The cold water stimulates the circulation of the blood . this is the time for outdoor exercise .

If the sun is out it will feel as if you are tasking a bath in the sunlight . these  ideas might sound very simple but it makes a huge difference in your day . Eat your your breakfast slowly to ensure digestion will proceed .

These method will aligned with your body rythm for better circulation  and hormones production in the body . The more you practise these , the better your body shapes up and also your mind . You will also attack the day and become high performer which equal high income .

These year is almost end – i can help you  improve your life , teaches you discipline  and become a high performer both  at home and work  Drop me a comment and will get back to you .


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