Listen To Your Conscience

They are certain things that are very dangerous  in life , listen to the wrong people or not listening to your own conscience . Our conscience  is the most valuable thing in our heart  but we tend to ignore  it then we suffer . I doesnt matter how wealthy , intelligent and educated  we are , its easy to act self destructively .

The problem is like so many people , we lacked what is so called the character strength  which need to  be developed – im not quite  sure we can learnt  this from a formal education , we need someone full of wisdom to guide us through  character strength – .  In other words , the positive impulse to dominate the negative impulse .

Most times when things goes really wrong for me , its because i ignore  my consceince or my negative impulse was soo strong at that time . Self destructive actions are usually ernormously  appealling in the short time . If you think about it , why will someone eat food that is not good for them or stayed up all night and watched a netflix or pick up a fight with a partner in the middle of the night . . They are appealing but self destructive – right ?

What makes this even harder for us is that once our emotions have selected a prefferd course of actions , those emotions get to work on our brains . In no time at all . We became convinced that the desire action is not only wise but also noble . It help  us visualise this morale  struggle as a debate between out two impulse .

when it comes to this impulse , only one of them can win – One voice said – Do it you will feel great , , it will all work out – it depends on the strength  of your character . each time you reject the destructive appeal and follow the voice of wisdom , your ability to do so next time will enhanced and you start to listen to a more inner concience that will guide you a to a succesful person . . Character strength is rare and can only come from within . Information is available  to every one but it int terribly valuable .

Strength of character is like gold .  Start by listening  few minutes daily to your conscience   not information .

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