Never Appear Too Perfect

Appearing better than other is always dangerous . but most dangerous is appear to have no fault or weakness . I have a friends who always think everything is wrong with everyone apart from him , he tried to display  no fault or weakness but deep inside  he is very insecure . Thats crazy right . In the socail media world everyone appear with no fault its powerless and dangerous .

power involves a relationship between people , you will always  needs others as allies , pawns – but never appear too perfect . . You also  need to understand that appearing too perfect  create enemies and envy and when people envy you , they will work against  you , they will put obstacle in your path that you will not for see . Its hard to defend yourself against  this type of attack They will ruin your reputation  within a second .

Pay attention to some of envy disguise , Like excessive praise is almost sure sign that the person praising  you envies you . Be careful what you share with people only the ones that are growing  in the same way . The ones that praises you will be the ones that will slander you publicly – You can only win them by avoiding and recognise  their behaviour .

Imagine someone who dont know you attack you on a social media – probably you appear too perfect . you can always display your  fault and weakness  but keep your perfection to yourself .

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