Focus On Giving Not Taking

No matter whats going on with you , you can always be of service to anther person . . I can say in my experience that most mentally strong people are givers . Giving is an habits , so is taking . . I know someone who was diagnosed and passed away with a brain tumour few years back . I observed  that even during his treatment , he kept working , giving , despite the pain of the chemo and the illness .

Although most people diagnosed with a terminal ilness may ask , Why me – that wasnt his mentality . So the point t is no matter what  your situation , you can be of service to others Most people  are used to taking as a child , they are not team players – some of these are cause by bad parenting and negligence but you can develop power and attribute of giving  by yourself .

If you are suffering its because you focused  on external –  go and create value for other people you will see the differmnece in your days . Either you trying to get a promotion or enhance your career , making this shift will land you in a better place .


If you want to gain more important , then improve your effort .  instead of paying attention to how overqualified you may think you are , focus on your effort , there is always a room for improvement .

ACCEPT CRITICISM GRACEFULLY – If someone offers you a feed back – someone you trust , dont be quick to dismiss it . Be willing to evaluate critcism and consider whether you want to change your behaviour .

STOP AND THINK ABOUT HOW OTHER PEOPLE FEEL –  This idea will always  help you to  increase empathy  for others , This actually a very powerful one because we are all lost in our own misery  that it takes serious empathy  and awareness to consider other peoples feelings .

And finally – dont  keep score – dont keep score of your good deed .

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