Practise Unselfish Thinking

I think most people recognise the value of unselfish  thinking but most people needs to develop the ability . many people are at a loss of how to change their thinking . When a friend  is in distress , i usually invite them over and cook for them . . I believe in hospitality and i think its the best way to invest  in people  intentionally  They dont need to give me anything back .

Unselfish thinking is like staying in shape all year round – which allow  you to stay more active . If you stay stay fit , you can be ready to sieze an opportunity that might arise .

One of the best way is to exposed yourself to situation where people have needs . Im not talking   about going to a charity shops – people have needs , you just need to pay attention , actually is practically unsellfish .  I have friends who want to force themselves to do things for me because they can get better return – i dont like that .

Its one thing to believe you are willing to give unselfish, its another to actually  really do it To make the transistion    , you  can put  yourself  in a situation where you  actually see peoples need and do something about it . And willingly to do it without getting anything in return . . Like introducing g people who can benefits from each  other without  getting in between .

This habit of thinking will bring more opportunity into your life .

Need accountablity partner , how to be more discipline . Leave me a comment .

Thanks for reading

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