Discover Your Natural Rhythm

Through the experience of work , we earn our monetary reward . we work  to provide for ourselves and other people . Through work we suffer different kind of stress mental and  physical . Sometimes we experienced a burn out simply  because weve not discovered our natural rhythm . .

I first  encounter the words circadian rhythm eight years ago when i started to study exercise programm design , it turn out that some people will be better to train in the morning rather than  evening to avoid burn out . Even food , eating at a certain time will enhance productivity and better blood circulation .

For example , early to bed , early to rise is acceptable norm for proper living , its great for those people who enjoy the tranquilty of the dawn like me – i prefer to do my work as early as possible , it work for me and its elevating me to higher up . But for other people it might be detrimental to their health and body . .

Most people also find it difficult to follow the norm 9to 5 schedule but still perform  and produce for their family . i have a friend who could only work at night when every thing is quiet in the house and that works for him . He is comfortable at that time .

Discovering your own rythm will help you become a high performer and increase your income but you must discover  what that is . .

About Victoria Boer

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