Good for her / Dont be a hater

Have you ever heard the phrase – yes thats good for her , of good for him . Yes most people are haters infact ninety nine percent of people are haters . Bless that which you want and your brain will release the good hormones that will  help  you for your own good . Dont be envious and no one is born lucky . people are simply discipline with good habits and you can learn that as well .

If you are envious , then you will distance yourself from success . and make it much harder for you to get there . Be friends with people that are successful – its contagiuos  , you will start to do things like them . At least thats what i do anyway . I look at their work ethic , i get advice  from them , i emulate  thier actions and behaviour  and  i get closer and closer to success . You can do the same too .

Be clean  – dont be dirty – This means dont saotage yourself emotionally   . – never think someone is lucky – Luck is created by the prepared . I can tell you that when  someone is so envious and jealous , they will never get the freedom they want . but they will spend the rest of their life trying .

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