Self Confidence Formula

Self confidence attract , and you might well known that nothing can bring you success but yourself – thgou no one succeed alone without the cooperation of other s 0 if you wish to or aim to attain success of a far reaching nature , you will never get that cooperation unless you vitalize your mind with positive  attitude of self confidence .

No one is going to pay so much attention to the person who have no confidence in himself . Self confidence is contagious, its impelling , its persuasive , and it attracts others . There are formula that goes through my mind , like  i belief in myself , but to let you know , other people will doubt you and create negative theory , so its up to you to reject and move on

I also beilef i will get out of life whatever i put in . I belief in the law of sowing and reaping , i know that thorough this principle of auto suggestion , any desire that i pesisistently hold in my mind will eventually  seeks expression through some practical means .

Another  great formula is to ellimate all hatred , jealousy , slfishness or cyynism towards all humanity . Negative altitude  towards others can never bring success . Success loves speed according  to a very good coach , you can nit have a grudge and have confidence – it never works .

Adopting this type of thinking will get you definitely ahead .

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