Dealing with Mistakes

How our parents respond to mistakes when we were a child is great deal on our esteem . If a child  is chatised for making a mistakes or ridicule  , humilliated or punished or if the parents steps in impatiently and says – here let me do it , , He or she cannot feel free to struggle to learn . Most people dont like people making mistake around them because they dont have the high esteem to handle the mistakes .

Personally , mistakes is an esteem building . Trying to learn to play golf or tennis you will understand the value of mistakes .Its more desirable to stimulate the search for answers than to provide answers . Working with adults who receives destructive messages about mistakes as children , i can see how defensive they become when i ponit out honestly about their mistakes – not to riddicle  but from  love

When most adults catch themselves makes mistakes , they call themselves name like , – oh im stupid ,or i feel fightened . They are so self critcal and less open and ridiculed  themselves all the time . This kind of self talk bring their esteem to the lowest place

I learned from a very good busness man earlier   in my life that we can view mistakes as opportunities to repair and strengthen relationships . rather  than letting them destroy relationships  , depends on how well you approach mistakes , you will always have a steady opportunity .

Once you learn better attitude towards  mistakes you will feel less tense . . If you see you are getting too critical  of yourself , take a break  and evaluate  your situation . it will be okay and your esteem will grow . Remmenber  most people run away from mistakes . Stay with  it , be open and your esteem will go high .


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