Do Not Display Your Vulnerability

We are all vulnerable to a certain extent and most people like to exploit other peoples weakness instead  of protecting them with their strength and this is how most weak people operates . I personally , just knows that helping people who are vulnerable  tend to make me happy . In life and busness , ive learned lots of lesson not to display your vulnerabilty especially during crisis , dont let outsiders on your miseries .

Even the most sympathetic people will rather be in company of a winner . Build a shied around yourself . Those  who have contributed to and caused your crisis – do not give them a satisfaction of knowing that they have the power to hurt you . Let them know that your apparent crisis turns out to be a  blessing – Dont complain – do a brain dump and get out of the funk .

Another way , you can show vunlnerablty to who actually get your back but be aware , this is not a lie but rather an affirmation . . Be a good poker player , keep a straight face have a steel for nerves .

Having a steel for nerves , i learned this from tennis , even if im afraid  i will still find a way to win my opponent . .


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