How To Release the God Hormones

The God hormones are the hormones that makes our body happy . Its a natural hormones that goes straight into the brain , the vagus  nerves that stretches from your brain to your stomach and hits every organ doing some waves movement . It gets inflammed  when your cortisol levels are too high for too long . This basically caused every disease known to mankind . High stress inflamed it so does bad food .

Ceratian level is stress is good if you have a structure for recovery , its not about avoiding stress its to understand what you can do to get up the nect day and keep going . Releasing the God hormones will protect you from futher self sabotage . .When those hormonbes are have been released you feel good instantly . when poeple consult with me  i generally educate them not to go 3 days without exercising no matter what problems they are facing

Whenever you do that , it mens you are choosing yourself by relasing the god hormones and take care of other peoples .

Oxytocin – its the life hormones , its one of the best hormones there at the critical  moment of life  creation , its the life hormones . Its also helps reducing cortisol in the body . Sometimes you comes across people very agressive because the level of oxytocing in their body is low . So when this happesn they needs ciggarette, bad food, or drugs or even sex , any sex as lomg as they get what they want at that time .

To increase  good hormones –

GIVE MONEY AWAY – Im not talikng about charity , my method is to give to mostly the beggars  on the street or donate to a good cause .

HUGGING – Hugg someone and tell them they will be ok . it raise the hormones in the body .

BEING TRUSTED – This is really difficult because  you cant force people to trust you . , so live your live in a way that more and more people will trust  you .

FOOD – Here is my oxytocin meal – high quality food , i dont bargain with that even to the point of the water  that i drink . Very good breakfast tend to produced high oxytocin in the body . eggs , mixed with  some few vegetables .


Deep thinking hynotizes your body into thinking everything is fine . it makes you feel safe and calm .

TALK TO A POSITIVE PERSON – This will makes you energise and  optimistic to explore things   and never t stop  .

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