Enter Action With Boldness

Most of us are timid by nature , we avoid actions then do a lot of thinking or very calculating and at the end of the day nothing get done . From my own personal experience  taking actions  has to do with our enviroment and the way our body functions . people  who are healthy tend to take bold actions and ready to suffer the consequnces . People like me . I usually take actions most people wont take without saying a word to anyone , It works  for me that way .

When we prepare too much , we dont bring ideas to life . People have a sixth  sense for the weakness of others . If , in first encounter you demonstrate  your willingness to compromise , back down and retreat , you bring out even the lion in people who are not neccesray blood thirsty . . Everything depends on perception andmoet people will only love you as much as they you can be push around.

A bold move even makes  you seems larger and bolder than you are . . Life rewards action taker and we get what we put in . Its a good thing to remind myself daily to stop being lazy and take the actions . You cam always apply the same to yourself . Do one thing daly – not a lot .

Some times  we want to avoid tension and conflict , then we make contemplate a bold action , but we rarely bring it to life . Boldness on the other hand is outer directed . and often makes people feel more at ease since its less self conscious and less repressed . , its never comes to akwardness   or embarrasment . And so we admire the bold and prefer to be around them ., because of their  self confidence

You must practise and develop your boldness . You will often find use  for it  The best place to began is often the delicate  world of negotiation . , especially those discussion in which  you are asking to set your own price .

Dont ask for too little .



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