Dealing With Hurting People

One of the highest   income skill is selling , then the abilty to win with people . we need to learn how to win with people in our lives both professionally and personal . Everything is learnable skill . I want to win with people daily in a good healthy way , to meaningful conversation with people without getting defensive . I started to practise and learn  how to be a good leader .  This takes me to  me to dealing with hurting people .

Weve all been hirt at a particular time in our life . and if you wish to travel far and fast . Take off all your envies , jealous , lack of trust , unforgiveness , selfishness and tears . People who have not gotten past their hurt has a hard  time doing that . They even have a hard time being happy . As a result , they act and react differently from healthy people .

Healthy people are more willing to change – — more willing to admitt  failure , more willing to discuss issue , more willing to learn  from others , and  more willing to do something about their problems .

UNHEALTHY PEOPLE – Are in other way not willing to discuss issue , not willing to resolve their problems – Less willing to change Less willing to admit failure  Less willing to do something about their  problem and they carrying around a lot of baggage .

If you find yourself dealing with a hurting person  – do not add to their hurt

Look beyond the person  for the problem – Try to see whats causing the pain

Dont take it personally – Hurting person are going to find offence when none is given – when you know that youve done nothing wrong – have a compassion for thier  pain and apologize – this can be very difficult even for a person with a healthy self image.

The more we practise this , the better we win with people .


Thanks for reading .





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