The Value Of Giving Before Trying To Get

Most people only intention of giving is to get , this kind of people tend  to suffer through life . Thou they are are different type of giver and takers , some people fell into category  of a taker . I can sense them anytime , they are soo good in taking that they cannot even smell themselves .

You should be aware that there is no effort  which  we extend tho those eho are distress can go without some form of adequate reward . Not always does the reward come from those to whom the service is rendered , but it will come from one source or another . This is the highest  form of value and many people tend to miss that .

Ive written many article about this – A giver always have power – people stay  on  the side of a giver not a taker . – I understand that giving might  be a problem if you are thinking of what to get in return but just have the altitude of gviing without knowing  will create opportunities for you in life .

A little personal story when i was looking for a place to start my busness – The pesron that connected me with  the landlord  was someone one ive renderd a help to many times without asking for anything in return  and when i told him about my problem he quickly  put a good words  for me and the landlord  agreed . . Thats the power and value in giving without ven thinking of getting .

The sole motive which inspire me to keep on wrtting these  are the desire to be helpful to others , You dont need to do it in form of materails gain , it could be emotional  , it could be spiritual , As  long  you have your other self you will be successful  , double  your income  and more happiness in your life .

Do these for few days and you will see massive changes in your life and happiness

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