Everything Happens For A Good reason

Im sure you you ve seen this many times , things usually  happens for the reason we usually dont know most times for good , As you think , so you become its very simple but not so simple .  Avoid supersstitously   events with power of meaning they dont have . .

Keep your head , our busy minds are for ever jumping to conclusions . A fiend of mine missed his flight the other day , he was so frustrated that he though  someone is out there to out do him or ruin his life . I tried to get him to see things in a different direction  but his negative mind is so possesed and  its going to take him a while to reallised his superstition .

We ve been in a lock down for weeks now and all im doing is looking for the good in this rather than the doom in it . its difficulkt thou when you are not used to this type of thinking . . Few days i lost my front tooth , it means no big smile for a while but i will take that over any other health  issue and its  about time i invest more time in taking care of my oral health .

Assume instead , that everything that happens to you does so for some good That if you decided to be lucky , you are lucky .  All events contain and advantage for us if we decide to look for it .

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