How To Have A Good Day Working From Home

The pandemic has thrown all of us in shock , most people had never  work from home before , nor coach any one  online- the transistion  is not really an easy one and to be realistic  its  going to take a while to sink in . You cannot just go from offline to online withn 24 hours or start working from home immediately .

You need to understand your own personality  and how you handle adversity ,

here are few tips that will really help you .

Ive been working from home for the past 7 years so for me its okay –

Start your day early – one thing i forgot to mention is you need to create a discipline to get this done . – Dont lets your kids be your alarm . .If you get up before your kids you will get the most important  job done

Set boundaries 0 It means no disturb is no disturb no matter whats going on

Spark joy in moderation –  consume less alcohol , Have a break after 55 min of work , rest for 5 min .

Set your break like a smoker –   its important for your mental health to do this

Set u a date night – eat at a different place , try different food .

Set up to do or die for the day — Do your most important task , its either you do it or die .

Stay away from the news  to reduce anxiety

End the day with a strength  in reserve – i it means  if can handle 6 task , do 2 , in that way the one you handles with more ease , more mastery , and you create a feeling of strength in reserve .

Take care .




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