The Hardest Victory

The hardest victory is to get things done , a satisfied life comes from meeting your daily objectives  and that means doing what needs to be done and thats the hardest victory .I grew up getting things that needs to be done to be done , its like a kind of discipline  because if  you dont do it no one to come and rescsue  you , its a different stories in the western world .

The europeans create a place where people can complain , complaining and taking action doesn not match ,  Self discipline is the foundation of freedom , it gives you structure and doing the hard things first , In years of coaching clients  , i have come to realised that people have no discipline  nor structure .

Thou we cannot be discipline at everything , like i dont do well with going to the dentist but i finally found one who gave me a good structure and my strenght which  is my discipline allows me to follow through  . .

Take dieting for example, its estimated that the Europeans spend up to 6 billions annually on  dieting aids . But lets be honest with ourselves  Dieting  is not about Keto or south beach or low carbs , Nor its about cholesstrol , sugar or fats grams .

Its about maths . Every  day of your life you either taking more calories than you burn or burn more calories than you take in . You already knows which food are good for you and which  ones arent  . No one needs to tell you breakfast of eggs and vegetables or sugar cereal and donut . Cooomon losing weight is about nothing more than commiting to a healthy diet and regular exercise not extreme exercise that lead you to knee surgery .

We all nave the capacity to succeed but if you are not meeting your objective s then you need to things  up your discipline .

Im looking fro 3 dad who want to say NO to gaining weight during this lock down please get in touch by leaving me a comment . i will personally coach you and give you a good structure to avoid weight  gain .

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