Patience Is A Beauty Secret .

Patience tends to honour life energy flows . and frustration goes against it . Look  at the pamdemic for example is teaching us emphaty  and to be more patience  Ive learned a valuable lesson from not being patience enough .  Ive also seen chronic frustration and impatience pertmanently screw up my clients features ..

I can see it in people faces when they impatient , its ugly . The faces becomes sour looking , tense with frown lines , the body language become aggresiveas in their energy . . Impatience makes people look ugky and they dont even recognise it .  Do you wnat to be like that – Not me .

Now here is a beauty  real secret , patience makes your appearance  more radiant soft , and approachable . How ? by shifting by shifting your out of the frustration  into your solax plexius . the emotional l energy center . The more patience  you are , the more attractive you will be .

Patience  keep us young and spare us from the stressed out look of perennially trying too hard and fighting the flow . It let us be a friend to others  and to ourselves . Enegetically and nurturing .

A pateice person is nice to be around m they generally carry loads of good energy . Next time you become frustrated, take a deep breath and  enligthen  yourself to acknowledge the fact that it will make your face look haggard .

Lets keep  the community of good energy together .

Here are few exercise that get rids of frustration

Prisoner squat x 20 ,

Push ups x 20

Lunges x 10

In verted row x 10

Repeat 2 to 3 times within 10 min

You will feel awesome





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