The Value Of I Dont Understand

Of of my student advisor was a guy named Dr Clont , very funny and talented and he is also  a pysycologist . He si amazing and makes me laugh a lot . . He is always acted older than he was and when i met him , then he was in his late 60 s , Every time i go to see him , he just acted as he forget everything .

I had to explain to him what i was working on , the value and my way of presenting it . . He does this all the time . Its very annoying .It was very funnu because usually i will start to explain  something , he would say i dont understand what you are saying . and then i would try and find another way to explain . . And  a whole hour will pass and i could not just past the first sentence .

When someone require more expplanation from you , it makes you think deep and understanding the situation better .  As a trainer , when i ask more qustion  from my  clients , it gets me to the route of the problems . People will tell you more if you actually listen .

The nest way to sell is to listen . Selling is a high income skill thats why ,many people struggle . If you drill deeper and deeper like my advisor did wth me , you will find succcess with your spouse, kids , boss , you will also be more happier and make more money .

This week , try experimenting with saying – I dont understand – Can you explain that to me -, more often . Then ask more question   . Dont bother about  intellectual in securities , – just ask and you will get better result

Here is a exercise you can do this week

This will burn bell fat

Its a countinuation of last week

10 inverted row

20 reverse lunges

15 close grip push ups

5 chin ups



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