Life Evolves Through Action

For life to move , action is needed . thou critical thinking is also needed but it works  though actions . If you know all the great knowledge but you sit and do nothing , your knowledge will worth t nothing to yourself or others . Im not talikng about information but deep knowledge . Application of knowledge .

The universe is ever changing . An individual is ever active . As infants we work so hard to learn about our new world . Eveyone is capable of doming somethimg but its the laziness and bad habits that stopped many people from evolving .  With or without you , evolution will happen .

As adult , we work to support ourself and others . we need or brain and body to function to keep evolving other wise we die .

Thre is something i do daily – which is the critical thinking that takes 10 to 20 mins . you can call meditation ot brain dump but its a way to get claer on my purpose on what needs to be done daily to evolve .  The number one priority is to avoid self sabotage , . To get exercise to consume good food for my cells to function .

The bottom line is as long as you posses   a body , you cannot escape work .

Here are actions plan that will support your evolution

Stop consuming information – start  with deep knowledge . – critical thinking

Do fewer things in a day but do it well .

plan ahed and get enough sleep .

All these has helped me to increase  income , stay in shape and happier ..

Im aware this are very simple thing but im also aware is not that easy to do . But life reward  action taker .

Need help with taking more actions ,Send me an email and i will support you .



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