All Advantages Have Their Price

I have an athlectic backgroung , so in my world their is no rules but guideline . in a real world , their is celing and limitation so most time i striglle with people . their thinking of limitation idont get them and they find me too crazy . .Im used to sacrifice , discipline , and preparation and saving .

The more effort i put into winning , the more my winning become easier , . If you are familiar with tennis , no one will come and safe you on the court and you are exposed .so implememted what i learned  in playing to busness and life .

When even you see someone enjoying the privilleges , opportunities or honour you desire ?. if the advantages they secure are  good then delight in that  person  enjoying them . Rememmeber you will never has the same reward as others without employing the same method . and investment of time as they do . Iis iunresonable to theink we can earn the same rewards without being willing to pay thier price .

Its always our choice to think we can do the same or not .

Nothing is really difficult if you are interested  and have the silll , the drive without giving up

To burn stubborn fat ,

here is a basic exercise you can do for 15 mins three time per week

One arm kettle bell  bell swing x 15

Turkish get up or side plank hold x 20 secs

Goblet squat /

These exercise  will train your grip and core . which will  eradicate  fat in the belly . . .

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