Dont Let Your Numbers Do All The talking

In many ways , we have to learn  to speak for ourselves , if you dont speak up , no one will speak for you . Most people dont speak because they fear rejection or people might not like them . . If you dont toot your own horn , no one will do . Its can be a learnable  skill the point is to learn to toot your horn without  blowing it .

Bragging is not arrogance , its taking a pride in what  you can deliver . they are are so many people who are expert in their field but think people will seek them out . No you need to learn  how to blow your horn .  I was talking to a clients who works as a sales reps ina phramaceutical industry , he quotes ” my boss see my numbers . and thats all they want to hear about . –  I respond  that people want to learn from others how they ve overcome obstacles .

How he has worked one clients for nearly two years , how he has deal with a difficult clients and make it a success for nearly one and half years . I urged him that next time he is in a meeting , to try something completely different , share your success and the tough spot youve turn golden- people want to learn how you deal with a difficult situation .

Because  no matter how high you go , you always need to [prove yourself – like when i meet with new people i try to infklunce them by telling them im the best trainer they can ever come accross , i need to tto my own horn and you do too .

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