Learn To Do The Essentials

To do the essentials requires discipline and consistency  . The other day i was going to play a tennis match with a very good friends  who made his first millions   at the age of 27 . Actaully most people dont know this because he is a very low key guy . As i was preparing  i have wrttten more than 100 questions  i wanted to ask him .

I learned fro him that leaderships is a skill that needs serious development – leadership is not being a boss . practically i dnot like bossses and dont like to boss other people around i dont like a boss and dont want to become one too . I prefer to lead . I like to say lets go doit , not go and do it .

All the great people of our time do only the essential When you lead people , do the essentials and step back . . Most peole struggle with wanted to be part of evrery thing , thats not leadership and that will not get anyone far but burn out .

Honesty is another quality i learned about leadership , i wanted to see people getting better becoming succeesful and even surpass me . in the end i can say i contributed to that

Premium – Premium and good quality is important in a world of cutting edges – I dont like to sacrifice qaality in my daily dealings with people . My head always says make this people better than you find them . thats  why do the essentials and do it very well goes a long way at the end of the day quality  wins .

This is one of the reason that leaderships is a high income skill thats is not taught in school – One of the book i reccoemnd is As a man thinketh by james Allen


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