If Its Not Hard Its Soft

To Re- invent  , you have to make  it happens , i often says to people that no one owes you anything ,. Everything is a collaboration of other people thats why extreme succesful people hires a mentor – you need good eyes oon your side .Hire someone who has doen what you want to do will simplify  things , not the  one reading it from the books .

Dont make the mistake i made . Internet is noisy and they are preaching soft to you – please dont go there because if its not hard its soft . People tend to striiggle with hard , they dont even express the pain they are feeling inside , but express fake to family and friends or on a social media . .

You cannot live a 6 figure income on a 4 figure lifestyle . Every day i wake up , i think hustle  , selling , creating offering value because it cant be easy .

If you cant take it to the edge , then you played it too safe . Im not saying extremety , im talking about hard work . Dont just gossip or talk to say words , they are days goes by that i dont say a word , ilike to say my pain but many people want to listen to pain right ?

Thats why i write this blog to express and share with  people who feels the same . Its important to say words that are your reality that express you .

Most for me if icant say something that has helped me or hurt me , – The  i  need  to just shut up . . If you dmot want want something , speak up , say it . Thats art , thats buisness . .

Here few exercise you can do to gain clarity , to keep you strong and feel good

20 secs running 10 sec recovery –


Repeat 8 time


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