Giving Up Control Will Make You Stronger

To take back your power and become mentally strong , to train your brain for happiness and success  , you will need to unlearn most of the things that bring you fears  and unhappiness . . Mentally  weak people need power and control to feel less humilliated . Control  is maintained n=by denying and suppressing feelings .

When you open up and accept your feelings , your mental capacity becomes stronger . Every time i cling to things i cannot control , i start to suffer wnd once i realised  what im doing to myself then the fear dissapear  . we need to train our brain to understand this

Once we understood that we cannot control every aspect of our life , we stopped getting angry or complaining about other peoples behaviour . .

Once you start  to give up control , you attract new opportunities , you will see new opportunities  clearly  and pursue them . You will   be less stressful , you  will build a better realtionships   with people .

Most people needs the control for power so that they can transccend feelings of helplessness and dependency . . Some times we denies ourself by suppressing feeling and maintain  rigid control which can  lead to serous damaging of our health . .

Stop insisting on doing everything by yourself

Start delegating and ask for help

Exercise you can do to start melting fat

This will raise your heart you will melt fat in less time

DB Jump squat  x 10

Chin up x 5

Bycycle sprint or skipping x 15 sec

Rest for 60 secs  Then repeat 4 to 10 times

Sene me a dircet messge to work on personalty that will helps you to increase income




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