Lose weight Quick , boost energy , and signs of an Impaired Liver

Its very simple to lose belly fats , but there is a catch   which is your liver . you need to know your liver . this is the reason functional and eastern  medicine concentrate on the liver . The digestive system is everything  , for you to stop the fats accumulating , your liver must fintion on a high level .  A weak overactive liver pulls energy away from the gall bladder , pancreas , and stomach organs that play a key role in digestion .

Few signs of a weak congested liver includes ,

Anemia , Hermmaroids , Dark insufficinet urine – Any time my urine is not clears it manes my liver is being congested with a particular foods that doenst sit right with me .

Skin conditions , itching , rashes , or spots in the face . Eyes problems , – loss of elasticity of lens and anthrophy   of cells within within the eyes . – Yellowing of the white of the eyes .

All this happens when the liver is being impaired .

To lose weight t and boost energy , do the following that helped  hundreds of my clients –

Stay away from oils, ghes, and butter because they all slow down the liver function . Et lightly steamed and pured food . You cannot exercise bad food out of your body it has to go through  your liver . . Rosemary herbs and thyme are noted for healing liver congestion and you may want to cook with them .

Do hard 30 mins exercise in the morning to support the organs

1A    Kettle bell or DB swings x 30 , 25, 20 , 15 , 10

1b – Inchworm or walk out x 30 , 25, 20 , 15 , 10

Take a rest as needed

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