Determine Who You Want To Please

Most time we focus on physical strength but ignore the mental strentgh , lack of mental   strength cam lead to a damaging  behaviour  , poor decision  n  making and bad luck Its all your abilty to train your brain and face your fear , This is not taught in school but you can learn from various books on psychology  – Ps beats phisiology  every time .

You need to learn to determine who you want to please if you want to be succesful at reaching your goals ., you need to define your path even if that means keeping your goals only to yourself . Personally  im always  willing to go against  the grain and follow my intuition and not doing that will always lead me to a disaster so ive learned from my mistakes .

People pleasers are easily manipulated – – Mainipulators  often use tactics to prey on people leasesr , they make it looks like you owe them . Be on the look out for people who says things like , im only asking you to do this because you will do the best job or i hate to ask you this but –

You need to know that its okay fro people to feel angry or disappointed  – There is no reason to that people need to feel happy or pleased all the time . You cant please  everyone its impossible for everyone to be delighted at the same things .

Accept that some people will not just be pleased and its not your job to make them happy .

Few exercise to burn belly fats  And when it comes to belly fats , i prefer simplicity –

20 prisoner squats

20 push ups

10 jumps

10 inveterd row

Reverse Lunges 10 pers side

10 close grip push ups

5 chin up

All exercise  are done with little rest in between


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