How To Speak Language Of Love- Encouraging words

When you speak language and loving worsd to yourself , you are directly speaking it to other people . A frined of mibe suggested i raed a book from Dr Chapman – the 5 language of love is an eye opening for me . – very one who want to communicate better and get more loving from people should read this book .

The best loving is to encourage , sadly  most people dont . Getting verbal compliments is only one way to express words of affirmation on your kids , spouse etc . – The world encourage means to inspire courage . All of us have ares in which we feel insecure – most people try to cover this because they lack encouragement from people around them

Because we lack courage those courage always hinders some positive things we like to do , thats the reason many people hires outside eyes like a mentor or coach to encourage them

I always  like to encourage my clients to pick a new weight or started a new way of exercise  or eating habits – i know that positive re-einforcement actually  get people to do things rather  than discouraging them .

Most of us have potentials we will ever have to  develop , whats hold us back is encouragement  A loving partner can supply all that . If you want to achieve  great things , then you need to move a away from people   who critisizing  and condemming you .

Exercise that burn fats within short time

Kettle bell swings x12 – 15

Walikng lunges 8 to 12

Repeat 2 to three round . Rest as needed


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