Wisdom Depends On Personal Vigilance

One of the things that ive learned and taking seriously this year is self vigiliance – its easy to get lost in in this era of social  media – i personally use my platform to sell my services and expertise not how coo im . . Most people dont realise that both help and harm comes from within ourselves , instead they look to external and deby appearance

Wise people realised that we are the source of everything  good or bad  so they therefore dont resort to blaming and accusing others . Most time people dont see themselves  thats why i usually suggest crtical thinking and self evaluation .

I spent 30 mins daly on brain dumping and crictical  thinking – ive not always be like this but i love to learn and grow . Weve been trained  to self denial  because its easy to blame someone else for our problems .

If wise people experienced  a challenge , they look to themselves , if they are commended by others they also quietly smile to themselves  , a wise person dont feel the need to defend themselves in any circumstances because they know that they have to watch  out for themselves  s and the direction of their own desires ..   Keep this in pratcise will help to develop better awareness and increase wisdom .

Thanks for reading – comment your thoughts

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