Say No To Negative Chatter

Recentlly ive been saying no to many things , this might  sound crazy but my creativity increases , my sales increases  and my ability to persuade , influnce goes up . I decided i want to get so good in saying no , actually i was advised by  a virtual mentor to do more NO  . Im not really a yes person but he made understand  certain things like saying No to negative chatter .

You need health to have the energy to create the life you want live – Most people try to love , their kids , their  spouse , Most people try to take care of the ones they love and be there for them . But sometimes we get stuck , our obligations runs up againt our true belonging taht comes from deep inside . Longing that cant be ignored . .

Ezapmple of a negative chatter is – how can someone say that to me ?  i cant wait to prove them wrong , Why does that person look like an idiot ,  Do i look ugly , How come he doent understand me , The list goes on .   When you are consume with all these chatter ion your brain , then you delay your energy to flow for creativity  .

The first  thing is to make friemds with people that are good for you – you need top spend time on these . the easiest    way is people who challenge  you to be better .

So often  we beat yourself  up with anger and worry . This is the worst form of cruelty so you need daily  practise to recognise  this and stay way from negative  chatter

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