Let Negativities Be

We are all programmed not to fight for ourselves or believe that  certain  behaviour and tendencies  are considered  positive or negative .  Dont focus your energy in an attempt to change yourself . – isued to makes so much grammatical error wrtiing in english because i write other languages  like dutch and french my brain got compliicated  until i learn to focus my energy on what im supposed to do to get better .

You can be as negative as you want to be , and cursing and moping and your inner voice often tells you that you cant do it , dont fight back.  – yeild to your voice by ignoring it  . dont focus your attention or energy in an attempt to change your opiinon of yourself , because that will bring you more misery and confusion .

By ignoring your voice , you are able to free yourself from the trap thats says changes  comes before suuccess .  Weve been trapped to think and beileve that change comes before success but focusing on what you supposed to do will actually lead to succss and bring change .

Focus your time and energy  on being succesful then the changes will emerge .

Want to lose weight – focus what you are supposed to do like get up and walk .


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