Dwelling In The Past Distract You From The Presents

Its not just sad or tragic events that leave  people focused on the past . Sometimes we dwell  on the past  as a way to distract ourselves . from the present . What happens in the past is a life lesson not a  life sentence .  One of the best way is to remove yourself from the enviroment of friends that kept reminding  you of the past . They are still stuck there and to have a break through you need distance .

Dwelling on the past causes fear and inabilty to take actions .  Its also interfere with your ability  to be your best self , – You cant enjoy  the present if your mind is always stuck in the past – The truth is we dont know what life would have  has in stock for us had we not made those choices .

By dwelling on the past , you will miss new opportunities and experiences and celebrating the joy of today if you are distracted by things that have already occur .

Here are few strategy to stop the past frm holding you back –

Shift your thinking

Schedule a time to think and reflect about the past  it could be 20 mins a day then move on

Give yourself something else to think about –

Establish goal for the future – Establish  both long term goals and short term goals .

Read a book a week on a biography  od a succseful person

Make peace with the past of get counselling .

Do 20 mins exercise daily – do conditioning 2 weekly to help you get clear  in the head .

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