Many Ways To Feel Strong

Recently ive been feeling  really strong and productive . Ive become more aware of my energy and feelings and who i want to give it to . Ive been looking into setting really strong boudaries and this has created  for me many ways ways to feel strong . Feeling strong has  nothing  to do with   lifting   heavy objects on the floor .

Strong  people are generally nice human being 0 they can draw from their own strength without sabotaging someone else .  Strength  has tow primary  aspects energy and determination . , you can intensify this by quikening your breath a little or by thightenining your shoulders lightly .

When face with a situation , recall a time when you feel really strong and draw from that experience . bring to mind the  sense of strength you experince during those times . I used to apply these tactics when im facing a very difficuult opponent during my tennis career and it works most of the time .

Feeling strong also comes in many forms including quiet perseverance . Get familiar with what strength feels like in your body so that you can so that you can call it up again .  Deliberalely stimulating the feelings of strength to deepen their neurons pathway.

Those ways will create a path way any  time you have a sense of not feeling strong .


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