Only have have people in your life who, on balance , make it better not worse

The  greatest support system in life are friends who knows everything about you and still like you . also friendships are not compulsory , you dont have to stay with them unless you want to , the rules is to have goos friends who support  you and makes you feel good . Avoid friends s that makes you feel worse . Most people generally feel bad about themselves  so they will makes you feel the same .  .

I know this is not easy , what about that friends  that alway sabotage your effort and put you down . but really makes you laugh . . What about the ones whos is negative about your dream . Realise  that most of your friends might not be living their dreams so they will one way or the others to sabotage yours . .

The point of having a friends  is to feel better than we would , According to a clinical  pscysollogy   is to make frinds with people that are good for you . This is not always easy but why have friends if they dont do this much for us .. of course you dont want to make their life worse too .

Its not about avoiding them completely , but you can stop confiding  in them or telling them your dream or goals . , Simple relegate them to a position of acquaitance . The only way you can evaluate your friends  is to have audit of them and see if they making your life richer .

And the good thing about friends is they are not compulsory .

Exercise of the week

30 mins cardio , conditioning 75 percent of your heart rate .


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