You Dont Need To Win Them All

Human beings are very complex , you never  know when your actions or your words would be considered  deeply offensive . . Wether  your intention is to offend or flatter  it will be considered deeply offensive . Most people are offended easily and whatever  you say will always be interpreted as each person private   perception of themselves .

I have a friend who grows up with an absent father and a dominated mother . . She grew up with dominating mother  and obtain 3 masters degree . , however she has a hard time in applying her schooling to the real world . She show no interest in entering any profession in which she has studying . ,

Whenever i saw her she would complain about her tough her life was , how much she needed money , and how awful her living conditiioning  were . . I always encourage her by praising her abilty to obtain three masters degree while others were having difficulty having one .

I didnt realise  that deep inside her she harbours  feelings of inferiority towards me because of her own lack of courage and proffesional accomplishement , she did not know how to alter her current circumstances and had her grown bitter . For people like her , you cant do much because  no matter what  you say , they will always  find fault .

The best thing to do is to protect your self and energy  from these kind of people and press on with your life . You  dont need to win them all .



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