Taking Calculated Risk Makes You Stronger

I usually  ties my busness to my tennis career . and ia slo tie lots of things to entreprenurships . you see life is like a sport . When i take risk , i feels stronger , when i dont i reaming stagnant . Stagnation is the problem for me . Im writting this to let you know that taking calculated  risk will help you to embrace changes and face your fear

Every month i write out a challenging attempt for my self – for example – my marketing  plan 30 days get more sex , Tell people what i do challenge . It was a game changer and high risk but get more swipe in my bank account and expand me to more busness opportunities.

As an entreprenur i have to attempt  a challenge many people wont make . . Taking a chance is a great way to test yourself and push boundaries . Most people set limit because they are too afraid  of the work that comes with it . You can take one risk a month ,which makes a lot of difference .

Success wont find you , you have to pursue it . . monitor the risk you are taking and how you feel about those risk . . .  And most importantly – take the risk that bring you more discomfort .

Dircet message me to learn about how you can get really strong .

About Victoria Boer

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