Few ways to build confidence into your life

The best possible way to become more confident is to start learning how to thing big , most people think very small becausev there is less competiotion at the bottom .How big we think will determines the size of our achievement .

The bigger i think the more i expand my options , my realtioships and the bigger confidence arouse .

Most people are not used to thinking big , even if they did and they dont have enopugh support then thier thinking will shrink .

If you dont have people around you with the same way , thinking big might seems like a far reach . probabaly thats the reason many people spend time on useless task that doesnt buld them up .

For example , a person who thinks his job is important received a mental signal to do the jb better in tha way he build a massive confidence . The person you are today are direct result of your enviroment . so learn to well come new ideas and see how it can be done .

Speak up – Practise speaking up Be on the positive side , the more you speak up the more you add to your confidence -As i mentioned above the more you do things , take action the more confidence you become . .

Here is a core exercise you can practsie these week

skipping x 90 secs

30 sec resr

90 sec bear crawl

30 sec rest

90 secs step up

30 sec rest


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