How To Negotiate To Win

To know how to negotiate without wanting to defeat anyone will bring you l;ots of money and influence , Negotaing and infleuncing is soo powerful you need to get it rught . I taught key and simple way to negotaite to people on my coaching class

I m still wandering why there is no class for negotiation and influnce at some high education level . , if two people shift their focus from defeating other to defeating the problems every ones benefits .

The best negotitaion are those in which both parties are satisfied because they have reached a win – win agreement . Aslo you can alwyas re0 negotiate , even moses in the bible has to go back and get a new commnadement .

Everyday and every interaction is a negotitation . Its amways about the new value you want to offer . Not the old ones . Read that again , its always about the value you want to offer not the old one .

If you are phisically , emeotionaly and spiritual , mentally healthy whcich allows you all time to negotiate with your gut . Most people are negotiating with thier ego which will not get you far .

Thses will help you to negotiate with your gut

Drink plenty of water

Upgrade your value

Get 30 mine exercsie

Sleep up to 8 hours

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