Saying No To Bad Luck

We have a love affair with luck , sometimes we chased it , sometimes it comes to us , people often says im lucky , well if you are generally a nice frinendly pesron , you will get lucky . If you lash out and bark at people . then luck will run away from you .

Luck is earned with certain good qualities , so is bad luck . Its the people who uses luck as an accusation who will never have it . Luck is soemthing that is earned . I believe we craete our own luck , you donf just sit at home and be lazy and get lucky .

Luck is the key to freedom , to open doors of great opportunitis , but not magic Luck equal diversitifcation plus persistence , Diversitification means coming up with an idea . becoming a big thiknker , follow up on wha you wanted to do , thats how luck happens

Coming up with an idea means having the energy and creativity to do a brainstorm and follow through . Energy equals physical , mental , plus emotional and spiritual health so if you respond or when i respond to angry comment , the pesron who made it control me and when anger controls me i spend less time being creative .

And when im not creative then i cant generate idesa – so that will be bad luck . thats why only the good , the polite , the gentle , the idealist get good luck . I attracted good luck into my life by being generous , being help ful and you never know whom you will attract .

Try these and you will see the changes and get more love

About Victoria Boer

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