Know When To Be Bad –

You will always find yourself among the agressive and the exploiter who want to ride over your humbleness especially if your nayure is to be hard working and amnbitious, people will want to hram you and bring you down , In some ways typu must get over any generals you have of confronting people or you will find it extremely difficult to assert yourself .

What you want is to feel secure and strong from within . You are willing to be occasionally displease people and you re comfortable in taking on those who stand againts your interest . From such a position of strength , you are able to handle friction in an effective manner . being bad when its is appopriate

This inner strength does not come naturally – i developed mine over the years of painful experiences that led me into a veru deep bad situations but i finaaly came out of it and understood that being nice and kind can be dangeruos when you set no boudaries .

You must be able to assert your emotional needs and self respect on a daily basis and this means you take on the agressor instead of avoiding him – you strategise and push for something you want instead of waiting for someone to give it to you .

Always be prepared and have a plan for anyone who want o humiliate you . This is one of the basic fearlesss aprroach that ive ganined over the year – Its is essential you develop the reverse perspective – life natuarlly involves conflict of interest , people have thier own issues , their own agenda and they collide with yours .

That doesnt mean mean people are bad – but you must be aware and attentive also be kind but be ruthless and do no harm

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