Experts Know They Knows Nothing

Personally i prefer a self diiscipline person than an expert , may be because they are easily adaptable to changes and enviroment . Expert often reman stagnant and will argue their cases out of ignorant .

The best profeesionalin a busness knows nothing . Nobody can predict the future , and people are easily manipulated by fear and loss so they listening to theses well meaniful expert without thinking deeep .

I prefer to think possibilty , there is a possibilty means challenging and we can find a way , Thinking possibilty has made me more money and happier rather than telling people that i exactly know what there problems is . No one can predict the future but the possiblty of creating it will make our world – your world larger .

If you want to burn fats in a short time . try this very efficient workout

Trx jump squat x 5

Atomic crunch x 15

Kettle bell swings x 15

Dog slede push x 30 yrds

Rest for about 2 min and rest

About Victoria Boer

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