Avoid Vices and Unhealthy Temptations As They Suck the Life Out Of Progress and Success

This may seems strane coming out of someone wioth my background and personallity but i belive voilating these simple laws will sap your progress and lead you to a very dark place . It might lead you to a place that it may decade to come back from ,

I understand the allure of unhealthy vices and people . But i also learbed what all these vices cost me . The fit vice for me was hanging around wrong people and exoperimenting with pot . When you smoke pot ,your brain waves goes into a dream dircetion that takes you out of reality .

Then one day i read somewhere that every pot you smoke , you take three min off your life span , i thought thats stupid i want to live loger then i stopped . But sure i lamost did everthing else , like speeding or driving without a license . and spending several times in jail .

The last vice i elliminated is hanging around lazy people who wants me to take risk for them or unmorally people who wants everything for free . . Its not that simple but it was a victory .

What unhealthy vices do you indulge in ? Im not talking about occasional drinks or smoking with friends , Some vices can destroy your life and busness , like Laziness , greed, unethical behaviour , Anger, Procrasitantion .Never on time , indoiscipline , Dont let yourv life be suck dry by unhealthy vices .

Every time you make a decsion to stick to your principles , you get stronger . Unless you can resist t unhealthy temptations and vices , you will not succeed .

The actions plan i used is the best defence is a good offence . create a space , and picture yourself having turning down temptaions and you will feel great about it . for example i dont pick a call unless its schedule . I dont check my phone after 6 pm . And this gives me victory .

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