Eight Simple Food Rules To Live BY

Our nutition needs changes as we grow , some people will eat less while others eat more ,however simple food rules will help you to have daily energy , claer thinking and make moe money , You will be sharp and become a winner .

Awinner that will learn new things and tak on challenge in life ., Eating healthy has saved me from lots of disaster and losing . It will help you too . Before i understood this rules . i used to eat at anytime , sometimes very late . There are time i eat apples only for breakfast and then will be hungry all day then consume more foods in the evening

My metabolism and digestive health was a mess . But for the past few years i became more strong , looks beautiful and feel good more than ever by following thses rules

Eat food that will rot if y ou dont eat it

Eat food sweetened by nature if you have to add sugar to food to make it sweet dont eat it . – i .

Eat food that have benn prepared by human

mans – – Either you cook at home or go for a meal , its best to have your foods prepare by humans .

Avoid foods that makes health claim – Apple farmers dont need to tell you to eat apples because they are good for you . if a food items needs to make up excuses to why they should eat it . Always go with yoiur gut

You are what your foods eat – Eat animals that have consumed a healthy vegetarian diset Grass fed life stock fed a greeb diet are typically high in omega 3

Eat Less food but frequently but stop eating before you are full . – you didnt always have to eat everything in your plate .

Im sure will help you , keep you on the right track and will hopefully stick with you for life .

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