Everyday Do Something You THink You Cant

I read from a book about the exercise to increase the power and strenght of the mind , well i aso have a very strong succesful freind who once taight me the power of voluntary hardship . Most people are very weak minded so to adopt this , go on your own . – if you have never try your shoe lace while standing , do that .

For example everyday i stopped verbally talikng with people after 6 pm amd my phone on silence or off . It has help me a lot with creativity and see new opprtunities . I actually achieve more by doing that .

Challenge yourself to break through the habitual mental conditioning . Generate at least one win a day , sooner or later your subconsiuos mind will register the accumulaive effect that being a winner is a daily natural occurence . and on a dy you didnt go for a run and do about 50 push ups .

Then satrt to dream about what you want to accomp[lish as i dreamed of living in a pent house and owning a porche or more . and i made it happen . it all hapopens when you start to push amd imcrease mental strnetgh . And i also dreamt of woing my own busness as i have today .

So adopt this formula and you will experience a different life . .

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