Say No To Nervous Breakdown

I was having a lunch with a friend the other day who wouldnt tell me he was going through a divorce , but i can see h was very nervous , the issue ois whne we lie to ourselves or other people our brian needs fuel to keep the liying going and this stress the nerous sysytem . And this is how nervous breakdowm occurs in our body and we become sick . .

The other day i also lied to a friend that i will be partner in his busness which i didnt intend to do , but was upset that i lie and this send my nevous system to a sky rocket you see sometime we want to please people then we lie ,

Our nervous system mimic everything and tell our brain we need more fule then we get more nervous .and drain our energy – you get the point . One of the best way to avoid a nervous breakdown is to be around good people , and in order to be around good people , you have to be a good person too . I have to feel abundant without lying

The brain always need a lot of fuel to keep going and i will personally used this for creativity and generosity that will make me more happy ad more money .

For example , think about someone you dislike and rcognised these trait in them , for example self righteousness, liying , being in denial , carelessness or passive agressiveness . You see im very careless so im aware of this . So once i recognise this i become aware of when im projecting , .

Observing the side of yourself self you usually keep in the dark will hep you with your nervous system and give you power and ground you in a more open minded , this way you will be able to attract very good people .

And you can only make money with good people .

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