Be willing To Face The Worst Consequences

Most of us love challenges and most dont but as long as you are clining to live at all cost there is no peace or harmony . that doensnt mean you should deliberately put yourself in the middle of danger . – The more you fear not surviving the tighter you cling to ill calculated survival strategies untill you squeeze the very life out of everything you do and eventiually sipmple task are blown out of porprotion in your mind into life or death . and you shut joy and vitality out of life .

This is always the case with the people who calculate every simple task or risk before taking actions . instead of preparing the mind and for the wrost consequences they styart to worry and over thinking and eventually the joy of living surpass them . 

Even the greatest warrior when standing in the middle of battle field sweat with fear , how ever while his body is fearful and his mind is fearful , his spirit is fearless . I have never been in a battle where the bullets is dancing over my head or fire dancing aronud me but i often asked my self – if im in this situation what will i do

I realised that there probabaly would be no hiding and eventually i will do my duty and will do my best . My spsirit will be fearless i guess .

Always ask your self what will be the worst case senerio and dont try to hide .Try this formula and your fear will start to dsseppear . you will take more actions . The biggest problems we often face is the hidden which eventually leads to shutting down of vitality .

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