Celebrate Your Broken Heart

For you to overcome emotional turbulence , you must learn to celeberate each time your heart is broken instead of trying to numb and suprresing your feelings . The path to overcome emotional turbulence is to avoid suppresion . This does not mean that you wont experince your emeotions of joy upon achieving or of any agony upon defeat , but you will observe them objectively .

As i mentioned above , rejoice and eleberate each time your herat is broken – only when your heart is broken can the light enter , Not untill you have felt the the pain of suffering can can you feel what other is feeling . This is when others can look into your eyes , the wisdom of the souls and see textures , wisdom , compassion amd refinement

After the expereice of a broken heat , you become more beautiful and more attractive to the world . You gained something someting others are runining away from . This cannot be given unto you it has to be develop .

life is school , unless you complete your lesson at each phase , you dont get to move forward . And for those who are willing to grow . , the universe are eager to intervene and move you forward .

About Victoria Boer

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