Accept That Nothing Happens By Accident

we go through life daily and things will alwyas happens to us iether by our doing or through others . Life is ever cahnging , people comes and go . Events comes and go Through change , nature evolves and human wisdom progress . Nothing in this world is an accident – people comes and teach a you a vaulable lesson through the universe .

Through un expected incident , the universe tries to teach you something You need to accept and learn but most people have been exposed to this kind of of wisdom so they rationalise and over thinking . Rationalisation are generally conveienient evasions of reality and are used as excuses for dishonest behavoiur, mistakes , and laziness .

Afriends of mine has gone through a divorce twice , and hes still convinced that both women are bad and i try to get him to see the lesson in bioth failed marriages but he rationalize ad justify and i mentioned to him that without laerning from those two failed marriage he will never learn , that the universe is teaching him something untill he learns . Learn the lesson .

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