There Is Always An Opportunity

In the great deperession , every opporunities shut itself down , the money had run out . Now we have the pandemic , busnesses are closing down but there is money soemwhere at least thats the way i think ., Every day i hear too many people complain that the world is going down .

Its not going down . You could spend the rest of your life fighting it , but your actions wont save the fate of the nation . however , you cn make sure it doenst get in your way

YoU can protect yoor by being being investing in your physical , emotions , and mental strength – quit being lazy and you will see money opprotunties around you as i did .

Every day i try and i find values tio add to someone and i make money . I did not sit around thinking the goverment will come to the rescue . im thinking if people like Lloius armstrong survive the great depression , then im going to try .

About Victoria Boer

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