Stuff Ive Learned In 2020

The year 2020 in my perspective is a great year that forced me out of my comfort zone , got me creative and facing mountains of obstacles . As a busness owner i needed to become more self relaint , take more actions not just overthinking and thats exactly what i did . si here some things that hase really work and moght be useful for you

Take actions on hwta you wnat you want to do secretly and dont get anyone involve until its done . doing this way means you can pritect all the negativity thats is coming to attack it .

Creative thinking is difficult to find , – so i joined a mastermind

On negotiation – No is a protection = Saying no give you the feeling of security , it gives you time to think befere any commitment .

Develop a strcit boundaries – People dont mean bad , they dont just care about you but themselves

People buy with feeling , the more they feel , the more they buy . I used to focus on a long term goals for people . Whao that made me lose lots of money but when i switched to combine both , my income sky rocket .

Resistance is the source of all pain , fear , anger , and guilt and shame that doent mean its not okay to feel those emeotions , you must feel those emoyions it part of being human but yoiu can let go of their hold on you .

As an entreprenuer the more i focus on getting clietns result by providing extra value , the more money i make . You see everything ihard work . High income sillks , marketing , copy writting , empahaty , creativity

Finally – please hire some help = like pay for coaching , pay for mentorship – you will see the different .

I want to be the best in what i do – so that me and its happening .

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